Book – Tablet Woven Accents for Designer Fabrics


Tablet-Woven Accents for Designer Fabrics: Contemporary Uses for Ancient Techniques

My unique handwoven fabrics incorporating tablet-woven borders and accent bands are inspired by ancient textiles discovered in Danish bog and burial sites. In this book, I describe the five tablet-weaving techniques I use (Warp-Twined Tablet Weaving, Regular Double-Faced Tablet Weaving, Double-Faced 3/1 Broken Twill, `Missed Hole’ Technique, and Pebble Weave with Tablets), and explain my process for incorporating tablet weaving into loom-woven fabrics. I share some unique border treatments and embellishments and provide pattern motifs and project ideas. The instructions are clear and well-illustrated with over 320 photos, diagrams, and drawings. Weavers who wish to expand the possibilities for creating decorative and fashion fabrics will find this a valuable guide. Tablet weavers will find exciting new applications for their weaving.

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Other selected reviews for my book:

"What I like most about this book is the use of truly inspiring samples and garments. Also, the wealth of information which could only have been gathered through hours of sampling. Clear instructions with great photos. I wish I could drop everything and begin my own journey through the projects and ideas in this book. Or take a workshop. This book is a treasure." – Peggy Baldwin, Edina, MN

"Reading this well-illustrated book is like taking a series of classes with an exceptionally organized and thoughtful teacher at your elbow. The band embellishments illustrated include passementerie techniques (fringed, tasseled, beaded, looped, and other ornamental edges), brocading and beaded brocading, wrapping, boutonné, knotted pile, soumak, etc. Almost all of the techniques described can be used on regular loom-woven cloth, making it a useful compilation whether you are planning to include tablet weaving or not. In the meantime this is a book which belongs in the hands of the curious weaver from advanced beginner to master, and every guild library." – Some excerpts from a review by Laurie Autio for Complex Weavers Journal October 2013.

"There are many aspects of this book to inspire any weaver, the use of ancient techniques in a modern fabric, the combination of two kinds of weaving – loom and tablet weaving, many ways of weaving and using tablet-woven bands, Inge's wonderful and vibrant use of colour, drafts for motifs and designs to use in any tablet woven band, the many possible decorative embellishments of the bands and her garment designs. For any of these areas the book would be valuable, but taken all together it is like winning the jackpot." – Excerpt from a review by Diane Woods for Fibre Focus Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Magazine Summer 2014.