1. Borders and Selvages Inspired by Ancient Techniques
    Through my studies of ancient textiles I became fascinated with the different tablet woven borders and edges that were used on the costumes. These types of borders and selvages could be tablet woven borders, (woven simultaneously with a piece of fabric on the loom or added after the fabric was finished), tubular selvages, and twisted cord selvages. The students will be introduced to these types of borders and selvages through a brief historical review. How a tablet border can be woven simultaneously with a piece of fabric on the loom will be shown. A pre-warped loom with a simple weave structure and a tablet warp will be provided, and a way of arranging these warps so that the border and the fabric can be woven together using only one shuttle will be demonstrated. They will also learn how to add embellishments to the tablet woven border.


  1. Threading Defined Patterns and Turning Defined Patterns: tablet weaving for beginners
    Participants will be introduced to the versatility of tablet weaving and how it can be applied into finished projects or as embellishments on woven items. They will become familiar with the tools to use and the best yarn for specific projects. The difference between threading and turning defined patterns will be taught. Three different tablet weaving techniques will be explained. How to design patterns and how to weave motifs in a band will be explored.




  1. Two Ancient and One Medieval
    Fragments of tablet woven bands have been found in burial grounds in Northern Europe. Some of the bands were woven with intricate tablet weaving techniques. The participants will be introduced to three of these techniques, regular double-face tablet weaving, double-faced 3/1 broken twill, and ‘missed hole’ technique with brocading. The basic techniques will be taught as well as how to weave motifs. How to design original patterns will be explained. Warps will be set up to give the participants an opportunity to try the techniques.


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