Shawl 2


Hand dyed and Handwoven Shawl with two Tablet Woven Bands

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Hand dyed silk and mercerized cotton. Beads.

Width: 25” Length: 72” excluding fringe (Width: 63.5 cm Length: 183 cm excluding fringe)

This eye-catching shawl is handwoven with hand dyed silk for warp and mercerized cotton for weft. The subtle coloured shawl is woven in a complex lace weave.  It has two tablet bands woven in a technique called double-faced 3/1 broken twill. There are two distinct sides to the shawl which is visible in the bands. On one side the bands are a solid colour with animal figures in stripes and on the other side the bands are striped with the animal figures in a solid colour.  The inspiration for the animal figures came from textiles from Guatemala and Peru.  It is finished with a beautiful hand twisted fringe where beads were added.

Handwash in cold water with a mild soap. Lay flat to dry. Press while still damp to bring out the luster of the silk.

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