Shawl 6


Hand dyed and Handwoven Shawl with four Tablet Woven Bands

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Hand dyed silk and mercerized cotton. Beads.

Width: 26” Length: 72 1/2” excluding fringe (Width: 66 cm Length: 184 cm excluding fringe)

My inspiration for this amazing shawl came from a theater tour to Stratford, Ontario. The shawl is handwoven with hand dyed silk and mercerized cotton. It is woven in red, orange and yellow with blue accents.  It has four tablet bands, two of the bands were woven in a technique called double-faced tablet weaving and two of the bands were woven in a technique called pebble weave with tablets. I decide to weave words regarding the theater into two of the bands and for the other two bands I wove faces. The shawl has two distinct sides, a front and a back, which is visible in the bands. On the front side of the shawl in the two bands where the words are, the words are blue against an orange background and on the back the words are orange on a blue background. The middle bands on the front, the faces are blue on a yellow background and on the back the faces are yellow on a blue background.  It is finished with a beautiful hand twisted fringe where beads were added. This is a truly unique piece and would be a gorgeous addition to a wardrobe.

Handwash in cold water with a mild soap. Lay flat to dry. Press while still damp to bring out the luster of the silk.

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